IP Surveillance Cameras Installation Los Angeles

IP cameras installation los angeles

IP cameras System

They are compatible for remote viewing using Windows, MAC,Android, and windows Phone cell phones.
Our highly-rated indoor and outdoor IP cameras make it possible to view your loved once remotely, from anywhere. Use our free mobile apps or the easy to use IP camera software (included with some models) to begin viewing your feed live within minutes. Home IP security cameras are designed so you can use or operate them from your smart phone. Our Wireless IP Cameras are extremely easy to use and can be moved around your home effortlessly.



Best Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles

Security cameras installation los angeles
Surveillance System

Security camera installation in your home, office or building is one of the smartest decisions you can make in order to protect yourself from unexpected losses. Security cameras besides keeping an eye on all your belongings also give you satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you can always keep an eye on the estate. With the increase in the crime rates, CCTV cameras installation in your home and businesses has become a necessity. We are the best security Installation Company in Los Angles who understand a client’s needs clearly and the importance of security to them. You can contact us at anytime and we are available round the clock to serve you.

Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles

Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles
Digital Security Camera

Security camera installation in your home, office or building is one of the smartest decisions you can make in order to protect yourself from unexpected losses. Security cameras besides keeping an eye on all your belongings also give you satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you can always keep an eye on the estate. With the increase in the crime rates, CCTV cameras installation in your home and businesses has become a necessity. We are the best security Installation Company in Los Angles who understand a client’s needs clearly and the importance of security to them. You can contact us at anytime and we are available round the clock to serve you.

Alarm System Installer Los Angeles

Alarm system installation los angeles
Alarm Security System

No one likes to think about break-ins or burglaries in their homes or business, but the fact is that property crimes are among the most common offences committed in Los Angeles. Most break-ins cost more than just money. Victims often feel violated and fearful about being in their home after an incident. Protecting your home is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family. Other than the obvious benefit of alarm system installation, if someone breaks into your house, there are actually other valuable benefits to have home security system solution in your home.

Home security cameras installation los angeles
Security cameras installation los angeles

If you own a house or a property in Los Angeles then you must think about your security as number of crimes in Los Angeles are very high. There are multiple ways you can protect your property in order to make your home or property secure, So that you should not lose any sleep worrying about your home security or business security. Mainly there are two types of security mechanism Physical Security and Digital Security. Physical security involves Physical persons with arms etc. and the digital security involves in electronic security system. Electronic security or Digital Security involves in security cameras installation, HD cameras installation , Alarm System Installation, Access Control Installation, Wireless CCTV Cameras Installation, Wireless Alarm System Installation, Video Intercom system installation, key less entry doors, Biometric systems, and fingerprint recognition etc. Wireless Digital Security technology is growing very rapidly and considered as more effective and cost effective. Wireless Digital Security technology made home security very effective and very efficient. Using wireless system for your home security, you can view inside your home, automatically unlock the door from your Smartphone.

Access Control Installation Los Angeles

Access control installation los angeles

Access Control

Digital Surveillance is a leader when it comes to Access control installation. Our expertise means we can evaluate your needs and provide the best solution possible, for today and tomorrow’s networks. We follow the most up-to-date safety regulations and code guidelines to ensure the safety of our Key Less Entry Doors for your building.
Each one of our installations meets or exceeds all compliance guidelines and regulations set by the product manufacturers and local building authorities. In Access control installation can protect a place or a resource from unauthorized access. Locks, keyless entry doors , Keypads, and login credentials are some of the mechanisms of access control Installation. An access control system determines who is allowed to enter or exit. Access control System keeps your business, employees and property safe and secure. The Access control system can also monitor visitors as they enter and exit your place. Businesses may focus on entry and exit points to secure the buildings from theft or other disturbances.

Wireless Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles

Long Range Radio:


    • Expands existing company networks and supports much more user/device capacity than legacy single-band outdoor networking solutions ideal for companies that are provisioning more mobile Wi-Fi devices within the boundaries of their network like iPads and other tablet devices
    • Designed to support demanding traffic for video streaming and large file transfers.
    • Provides more operational versatility than single-band outdoor APs
    • Additional 5GHz band gives users the option to avoid interference in heavily-congested 2.4GHz environments

Up to 500mW transmit power expands the overall coverage area of the network                        enabling users to roam and work farther from their offices as necessary or                                required.

Point To Point Radio


    • High-output power up to 28dBm delivers superior range and coverage
    • Fully interoperable with IEEE 802.11a/IEEE 802.11n-compliant devices
    • High-speed data rates up to 300 Mbps make the ENH500 ideally suited for handling heavy data payloads such outdoor security camera, video streaming, etc.
    • WPA2/WPA/ WEP/ IEEE 802.1x support and MAC address filtering ensure secure network connections
    • RSSI indicator makes it easy to select the best signal for Access Point connections
    • Power-over-Ethernet capabilities allow for flexible installation locations and cost savings
    • Four SSIDs let clients access different networks through a single Access Point, and assign different policies and functions for each SSID
    • Multi-function operation (CB/AP/WDS/APRouter) modes provide flexible deployment
    • The AP-Router mode with PPPoE/PPTP, DHCP server function support in special network deployment in which the CPE also serves as Internet gateway
    • QoS (WMM) support enhances performance and user experiences

We offer wide range of wireless security cameras installation los angeles.

HD SDI 1080P Installation Los Angeles


Recently, the most big issue in CCTV market must be the expansion of Full – HD (High Definition) system. The change of resolution from the existing SD (Standard – Definition) class (720×480 in case of NTSC) to Full HD (1920×1080, 1080p) requires the whole system change, not only the video quality enhancement of camera simply. Because the conventional SD – CCTV (NTSC/PAL) is based on analog TV standard, it could not meet the market request for the high – resolution, clearer video image in digital era of HD TV. The first step for high resolution was started from Megapixel IP camera adopting HD class image sensor, and recently HD – SDI transmission technology which have been used for digital video transmission between broadcasting equipment was grafted into CCTV market , and introduced as the name of HD – CCTV system.

Security Cameras Installation Los Angeles


Our security cameras installers are highly trained and professional. Our security cameras installation is one of the best service provided in Los Angeles due to our 15 year extensive experience in this industry. Our installation team, install security cameras and our support team give you best experience by delivering great customer service. We pride ourselves by providing CCTV security cameras installation to business and home owners. We have many satisfied customers who trust Digital Surveillance for providing best security solution to meet their needs. We design, supply, and install security cameras, home security cameras, IP security cameras, HD CCTV cameras, Access control installation, Alarm systems, Video Intercom systems, Telephone System, Pre-wiring, and Network cabling. Home security cameras installation is increasing as it is the most cost-effective way of protecting homes.

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IP Cameras Installation Los Angeles

cctv cameras

Surveillance systems with High Definition IP cameras.

Whether you need one IP surveillance camera or a completely integrated security system, we provide excellent and affordable pricing and full support. This includes everything from the security camera lens to the network switch and computer systems for recording the video 24 hours. We provide technical advice and consulting that assures that you purchase exactly the right IP camera system you need. Watch your home from each sides on your Smart phone, Tablet, Laptop it’s a best feature.